Frank Brady

Chief Executive Officer

Frank Brady started his career with TAC Land Mobile Radio in 1984 as a Systems Engineer specializing in telemetry, automation and communication networks, while finishing his Bachelor’s Degree in Electronic Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Technical Education.He then worked as an Engineering Consultant for the manufacturing, transportation and service industries to improve efficiencies, quality and production nationally. Concurrently, he recognized the value of VHF, UHF, SHF frequency bands and built a radio spectrum portfolio with the intention of building multiple communications networks; with some portions earmarked to be sold pre-development. In 1993, Frank raised capital and purchased a communications company in Chattanooga, Tennessee, where he built multiple tower portfolios and a specialized mobile radio network over a multi-state footprint. He also developed and sold 800 and 900 MHZ spectrums, started an automation consulting company and a telecommunications operation including paging and telemetry services. Those companies were in operation for over a decade and were sold to Nextel/Sprint, SBA Towers, Pinnacle Towers, ValuePage, Inc. and two private firms. The first asset sale occurred in 1997 with SBA Towers. Once all of the assets were sold, Frank briefly retired.

Frank felt compelled to give back and decided to contribute through the mentoring of young adults. In 2006, he worked as an Instructor and Division Chair at Gadsden State Community College and grew the Electronics and Automotive Manufacturing programs by 1200% during his tenure.

With a need to follow his passion of building business enterprises, Frank founded his next project, Life’s Time Capsule, in 2012. Life’s Time Capsule is a data storage and social media company designed in conjunction with Amazon’s S3 Network, with virtual consultants across the globe and is now a publicly traded company. Subsequently, he founded 300 Capital, LLC, a venture capital fund, which includes a beverage company, international land development and a Blue Zone water project.